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 A tale on two wheels 

VIMMERBY, SMÅLAND | September 10 | 75 km • 100 km • 165 km


Detailed program

Friday September 9

16:00 – 18:00 Preride from Fredensborgs Herrgård.
Mattias Reck (Guided Heroes), Daniel Rytz (Cykelwebbenpodden), Peter Larsson and Mattias Carlsson (Abloc) will guide you on a 30 km rout to get the legs going. 

18:00 – 19:00 Afterbike at Fredensborgs Herrgård, sauna at the lake available

19:00 – 20:00 Dinner buffet including chicken, tenderloin, potatoe salad, pasta, and more.

Preride + dinner costs 345 SEK, register on this link latest on September 4th.

20:00 – 21:00 Lecture by Mattias Reck from Guided Heroes. Mattias will talk about his carrier as a professional coach for some of the world's best teams and athletes in both cycling and cross country skiing. He will share his best training tips. 

Note! Preride + dinner needs to be booked in advance, the lecture is free of charge.

Saturday September 10

You may start the route at any time from 8:00. Below are recommended starting times and opening times at the fika stops. Note the starting times for the guided groups, who are aiming for a rolling average pace of 22 km/h. It is mandatory to download the route to your bike computer/phone even if you plan to ride in a guided group.

08:00 Start opens at Fredensborgs Herrgård and morning coffé is serverd. 

09:00 Start Lönneberga Gravel 165 km (guided group starts 5 minutes behind)

10:00 Start Lönneberga Gravel 75 km and 100 km (guided group at 100 km starts 5 minutes behind)

15:00 – 19:00 Finish and after bike at Fredensborgs Herrgård.
Meatballs from Dacekbygdens Kött i Virserum (vegetarian alternative available) and mashed potatoes from Axelssons i Aby, lingonberries from the forest, non-alcoholic beer and cider from Åbro Bryggeri i Vimmerby and coffee from Balck Coffee in Kalmar (all included in starting fee).

18:00 "Prize giving ceremony" Anyone can win nice prizes from our partners

Fika stop opening times

10:00 – 12:00 Musteriet i Djursdala
Grab yourself some home made must, coffee and a sandwich (this stop is only reached at the 165 km route, after approx. 60 km)

11:30 – 15:00 Katthult i Gibberyd
At the home of Emil in Lönneberga, Maggan and Mona will serve a classic home made Abloc-fika with a buffet of cookies and pastries. Drink som coffee from Balck Coffee i Kalmar or refuel with Vitargo.

13:00 – 17:00 Bullerbyn i Sevedstorp
This is the place which inspired Astrid Lindgren's The Six Bullerby Children. Carina and Carina from Cykla i Filmlandskapet Småland will tell you more about the place and the food you will be served; beer and soda from Åbro Bryggeri and Småländsk cheese cake from Frödinge. 


Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 73.jpg

Småland is a landscape of stories. Biking through its vast forests and past the abundance of red cottages, it is not hard to imagine how this area inspired the setting in many of Astrid Lindgren's works. Lönneberga Gravel is a tribute to this tale-creating region, and we are sure that if Emil had been around, he would have come along on this gravel adventure.

Following the tracks of Emil


Lönneberga. Mariannelund. Katthult. Bullerbyn. All routes of this event run through these fictional - yet entirely real - places, connected by scenic gravel roads. To keep your mind and legs fresh during the day, there will be coffee stops with classic Swedish fika and local specialities

Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 17.jpg

Bike through Bullerbyn


Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 71.jpg

A true millennial

 Norra Kvill National Park 

The two longest routes (150/200 km) will pass by Kvilleken, a 1000 year old oak just south of Norra Kvill National Park. While history has rushed by, this tree has stood firm since the Viking Age. How many people has hurried passed during this time? Soon, Kvilleken can add a group of gravel cyclists to its guest list.

The route


There are three different routes to choose from:

70 km / 950 m climbing

100 km / 1400 m climbing

165 km / 2200 m climbing

All routes follow undulating gravel roads, farming roads through the forests, a few singletracks and some short sections of tarmac to catch your breath. The roads are chosen with care to provide beautiful sights and experiences along the route, with as little car traffic as possible.

Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 11.jpg

How it works

Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 30.jpg

Lönneberga Gravel is by no means a race, it is all about the experience and adventure. Hence, you choose your speed yourself. You may register alone or as a team of two. We encourage cooperation between cyclists along the route, but remember to never take any risks. All roads are open to the public, and all Swedish traffic rules apply.

All participants will get a GPX-file with the route for navigation five days before the event. We will also have two guided groups at the 100 km and 165 km routes, if you don't want to navigate yourself. The guides will hold an average speed of around 22 km/h.​

Start and finish is at Fredensborgs Herrgård, a manor built in 1875, 10 km south of Vimmerby, Småland. Along the routes, there will be 3-4 coffee stops, and once finished we will celebrate with hot food and cold drinks at Fredensborg. Here you could also take a refreshing bath and enjoy the sauna at lake Gissen. The after bike will finish with a prize giving ceremony, where all participants has the chance to win nice prizes from our partners. 


Prior to the event, all participants will receive a link where you can download GPX-files to navigate along the routes, by phone or bike computer. We also have 10 GPS bike computers from our partner Wahoo Fitness available to borrow on a first come, first served basis - just write a note when registering if you want one. 

Throughout the day, our service car will be on standby along the route, available to call if anyone gets mechanical (or bodily) problems. We will also ride ourselves to make sure everyone enjoys the day.

Fredensborgs Herrgård.png
Musteriet Djursdala.gif


Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 25.jpg
Accommodation & Travel


Abloc_Lonneberger_ChristopherLanaway_22_05_12_LR 65.jpg


Get to



 To do 

Astrid Lindgrens värld

By car
Gothenburg - 3:30

Stockholm - 3:30

Copenhagen - 5:00 

By train

Linköping - 1:30

Kalmar - 1:45

The start and finish of each route is at the beautifully situated Fredensborgs Herrgård, where you will also find a cozy bed to rest after the adventure.

At Astrid Lindgrens Värld in Vimmerby, you will find several alternatives for accomodation next to a world full of stories.


July 3

Registration opens

September 4

Last chance to register

September 9

Pre ride

 Fredensborgs Herrgård 

September 10

Lönneberga Gravel

 Fredensborgs Herrgård 

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