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Registration opens on Thursday 9/2. The starting fee including coffee stops, guides, service and after bike is 695 SEK (Lönneberga Gravel)/1195 SEK (Lönneberga + Hultsfred Gravel)


Included in the starting fee

  • Two coffee stops with proper Swedish fika plus bottle refill at Filmbyn i Mariannelund.

  • After bike with local specialities at Fredensborgs Herrgård with a wonderful view

  • GPX file with route

  • Service car available on call if something happens to you our your bike

  • Possibility to group ride with a guide on 100 km/160 km routes (optional)

Your registration is binding, the right to withdraw does not apply when purchasing sporting events. It is OK to sell your ticket if you something gets in the way; name change costs 100 SEK and must be communicated to Abloc at

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Rules, recommendations & info


We recommend a gravel bike, cyclocross or mountain bike in good and safe conditions, preferrably with 35 mm tyres or wider. All participants must wear a helmet. We recommend bringing a power bank to charge your phone/bike computer if needed. Participants should also bring gear to deal with minor mechanicals (pump, spare tube, chain lock, multi tool, etc.)). Also, remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Even though there is plenty of energy available at the coffee stops, we recommend bringing extra snacks and water to fuel between the depots - a lot of snacks are needed for this adventure. We recommend a gravel bike/cyclocross or mtb.


There will be a service car available on call during the day, should you have bad luck with your gear or shape. If something happens such that you can't continue, we will pick you up. In case of emergency, call 112.


  • You have your own accident insurance.

  • Nature should be clean - of course we do not litter.

  • Show respect to other participants as well as residents, other people using the roads, and nature along the route.

  • Help other participants in case of an accident.

  • Notify the organizer if you do not finish.

  • Stay at home if you are ill.


The event will be documented by a photographer hired by the organizer. Through your registration, you consent to being part of the material produced - if you do not want to appear on photo or in film, just contact us on The material will primarily be used by Abloc, but may also be used by the partners of Lönneberga Gravel. All images are free to use and share by the participants.


Still wondering about something? Just send us an email on and we will sort it out!

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